Thursday, February 4, 2010

Updates on the Trainees!

I am happy to report things are moving smoothly in the training department!

Toby Waldsmith:
Mr. Toby is doing quite well with his manners, he's definitely much calmer (unless it's playtime & then he's a maniac) but he is still extremely fearful of most men & some women. So he is going to be hanging out a bit long so I can continue his socialization around people. But! He is is doing excellent with the cats, playing great with the other dogs now, following all his commands with the greatest of ease & of course is a love :) His little baby sister, Sadie, will be scheduled to go home this weekend & I'm sure her momma will be ecstatic to have her home! She will have tight schedule to maintain for her potty routine but I know she can do it!

Blu is quite the camper. He is doing excellent with the remote collar training & has done a 180 with his attention to holding his commands (place, sit & down). The absolute hardest is staying on place while I vacuum around him but he's almost flawless :) He hit a growth spurt & is quite goofy with his long legs that he can't control. He enjoys his outings to Petsmart/Co, Home Depot, etc to work on his obedience in public. It's funny how many people say... "what kind of pointer is that?" Yay! But everyone loves saying hello to him & he has great manners when meeting people. He is such a smart boy! He is doing excellent with his potty training & we haven't had any accidents in the crate in over a week! One more week left so it's time to buckle down & really throw the hard stuff at him! More pictures & updates on Baby Blu as his hard week unfolds!
Little Emi is doing excellent but has definitely gotten quite full of herself over the last few days & is testing the waters a bit more to see what she can get away with. She absolutely knows when she's in "work mode" verses just being at home. She definitely doesn't have any fear about other dogs now & is quite the social butterfly during playtimes. Emi is well on her way of becoming a very good service dog. Only a week+ left she gets to see her boy again! Please check out Alex Collins Service Dog Fund on Facebook!
That's all for now! Check back in this weekend to see more updates on all the trainees!

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