Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet Jake!

This is Jake. He is here for the Basic Obedience along with Behavior Modification & potty training. Jake was a rescue pup that came with a lot of bagage. I have been working on his counter surfing issues, jumping up, pulling on the leash, excessive barking, marking & of course the basics. It's 4 days into his training & he is make good progress. He is coming along slowly but surely & here some pictures of Jake working :o)

Jake holding a sit with the front door open
... and holding his down while I open the back door
"Good boy".... he got his belly rubbed :o)
Setting Jake up for his counter surfing with some shrimp, hot dogs & cheese....mmmmm
yes..... he failed this go around but it was a great lesson! :o)
More updates to come as Jake's training progresses & the distractions get harder & we dive deeper into the fun stuff!

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