Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Field Trip Day!!

Learning how to obey commands and learning how to obey commands with the excitement of a new place, new distractions and new people are two VERY different things. As part of the training we MUST have field trip days where the trainees & I venture out to fun places like the park, Home Depot, Petsmart/Co, etc to test the waters & make sure that they understand that the new *rules* don't just apply to Ms. Ashleigh's house...... it's everywhere. Teaching the dogs to obey away from home is an ongoing process & should continue throughout the life of your dog. Just like with people, if you don't use your skills they get rusty. So this field trip consisted of a run through Petsmart for some usuals & then a trip through the garden center at Home Depot. The employees LOOOVE when I bring the dogs by and they always love to see how each dog varies and tries to challenge me. Luke's biggest challenge is always accepting the fact that not everyone wants to or will be able to say hello to him (the perks of being a Golden Retriever). And Chipster's biggest challenge so far paying attention to his commands with "life" going on around him. Both pups did excellent!!

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