Monday, March 29, 2010

Updates on Trainees!!

It always gets crazy this time of year..... the pups get extra frisky as well. How about updates on how everyone is doing--- (I apologize ahead of time for not having many pictures. I left my camera at the barn & I didn't find it until Saturday evening.)

Luke is doing very well. He is camping out a little longer than his scheduled 3 weeks because he's having a little difficulty not being tempted off the leash by wonderful distractions like people, food, dogs, toys.... well, you name it, he gets excited about it! He isn't trying to steal anything anymore and he's not falling for me leaving food at ground level for him to snag either :o) He should be ready to go home this Friday & I'm very excited for his family to see the new & improved, super sweet, spectacular LUKE!!!

Charlie brown is a new camper!! He is here for Basic Obedience & fixing a few bad habits he has picked up in his short 4 months of living :o) He is a Goldendoodle puppy and as always beyond sweet, super willing to please & a little excitable. He is doing very well in a controlled environment and not many distractions. He's heeling nicely on the leash & stopping when we sit. He can hold his sit & down stays for a good length of time he comes & sits at my feet when called and each day the distractions get harder & harder. This is where we're still working on things. He also will be ready to go home on Friday and his mom & dad are definitely going to have their hands full with this little guy. :o) More updates on Charlie brown to come!

Mason has had quite the change of events happen in his life. I contacted a client that also happens to be a foster mom for the rescue organization that Mason is from. I spoke with her about her family becoming Mason foster family until he's adopted. She offers a good stable, calm environment & can continue the training that he has learned given that she's put her two boxers through the Advanced Obedience. Well Lauren is also leaving to go to the school in Ohio that I graduated from to become a dog trainer & she is going to be taking Mason as her project dog!! This is awesome for him. He'll get tons of work, socialization and hopefully even adopted!! I know she's not going to want to find him a home once she meets him. He's one in a million and I wish I could make him part of my gang :o) I am super excited for Mason & I hope to have good news to report this summer on how well he's doing!

Chipster is a Pitt-mix that is here for some Basic Obedience & socialization from his wonderful foster family in Lilburn. We don't know his exact age but he's definitely under 1 year old and full of personality. He was rescued by his foster momma next to a dumpster. He's been treated like a king, pampered & fed well and now he's with me learning his social skills with other dogs & cats so that he will make someone a very good companion! Pictures to come on Chip & please pass along the word to anyone would like to offer Chip a structured, loving, forever home!

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