Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jake's Last Day :o)

It is always bitter-sweet when a camper finishes up with training. Today is Jake's last day. He will be heading off tomorrow morning to meet back up with his family & show off his new manners & skills!! Jake is walking nicely at my left side for walks & sitting when we stop, he is obeying all the basic commands on a leash such as sit-stays, down-stays, & we did a little extra with him and added the place command. He is no longer counter surfing for goodies & no long jumping up for attention. He has new ways of greeting people that are much more inviting. Jake is still very fresh into his training & it's up to his mom and dad to take charge & keep up the consistency. The first week home is always very trying & so crucial for the mom's and dads. More updates on Jake as the weeks progress after he returns home!!

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