Thursday, March 11, 2010

Luke & His 1 Week Progress Report

This is Luke! He is an almost 2 year old Golden Retriever. He is with me for the Advanced Obedience. He also has taken a liking to eating anything & everything he can get his mouth on including but not limited to, pillows & cushions, pool lights, furniture, cords. Some of his favorite activities include counter surfing, jumping on people to say hello & just being over exuberant in general. He is a super sweet boy that is very willing to please but lacking in direction & structure. He has finished 1 week of his training and is now walking nicely on the leash at my left side & sitting when we stop, holding his sit & down stays, come with an automatic sit & place! We have also worked on his excessive eating of things & stealing of anything he can find. Here are some pictures of what I like to call "Attack of the bread & cheese"........

Here's Luke on "place" surrounded by a bread bag, paper, his favorite dish rags, a can of peanuts, the kitty, a slice of bread & a piece of cheese

"Hello kitty...."

The bread is stalking him
and the cheese too....

bad, bad, cheese & bread

The rag is in on it too!!

He's probably going to have nightmares of the cheese & bread taunting him forever now, heehee. He is making HUGE progress but doing wonderful! More to come as the next two weeks of his training unfold!

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