Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gibbs: The Service Dog Pup!

 This little guy is Gibbs.  He is a 15 week old Golden-doodle puppy provided by AYERS PAMPERED PETS.  He will be a disability service companion for a little boy named Jacob.  He will help Jacob to stabilize himself as well as bring things to him as needed along with a few other choice tasks to help Jacob through his day to day activities.  Stay tuned as the story of Gibb's training unfolds!


Dianne said...

If Gibbs is even half the dog that Toby is, he will be a fabulous companion. Toby continues to amaze us with his energy and intelligence. He is nearly the perfect dog. Thanks again for allowing us to adopt him.

Dianne & Tim

Ashleigh Kinsley said...

Dianne! I am so glad to hear from you! I always wonder how Toby is doing. Give him a smooch from us!