Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Newcomer - - - - - - Sophie

This sweet girl is Sophie!  She is a Shar-Pei/Labrador mix.  She has been here for my Intermediate Obedience program as well as working on her social skills with people.  She has been here for a week & started off with a band & was doing great but towards the end of the week she put the brakes on & decided that is was time to start the stubbornness.  She has successfully completed heeling nicely on my left side & sitting when we stop, her sit stays, come, place & sit in motion command.  She is still not consistently doing her down commands which can be common given it's a submissive position to put her into.  She is loving playing with her new friends and has done super  meeting new people on our daily outtings!  We should have started moving into her off leash work but we will be putting that off a few more days to work her through this little bit of stubbornness.

Sophie & her new friend Delilah

 Sophie in her sit-stay
 Sophie falling asleep in her down-stay

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