Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update On The Fonz

Mr. Fonzi is coming along slowly but surely.  He is now socializing with everyone, cats, dogs, people alike like a perfect gentleman.  He has learned all his obedience commands & is not staring to perform these commands off the leash around moderately heavy distractions.  He is doing well with this but has hit a bit of a "if I don't look at you I don't have to listen to you" sort of attitude.....he sees much more fun things to pay attention to now.  So we are working through that as well as advancing his off leash control, after we've addressed that issue.  He is making friends & has been such a sweet love.  I will be happy for his family to see Fonzi's progress!!

 Napping after our afternoon lesson :~)
 *wink *wink

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Annic said...

How exciting to read that Fonzi is socializing well with other dogs and cats, and starting to respond to commands off-leash! We can't wait for him to impress us with all his new good behaviors!!