Thursday, February 3, 2011

~~ School's Back In ~~

I have a few new trainees I'd like you to meet......

Meet the Fonz!
This is Fonzi.  He is a 4 year old Pitt Mix that is here for the Advanced Obedience & behavior modification.  He has some dog aggression & being a brat issues towards people that he needs to work through as well as establishing his foundation of obedience.  He has almost completed one week of his three+ week course & he is doing very well.  He's not as ferocious as he would like for his family to think.  In fact he is a little bit of a chicken.  He is very smart & has learned almost all the scheduled commands for his first week of training, including: heel with an auto-sit when we stop, sit(stays), down from the side & down(stays), come with an auto-sit, place & his release command.  He has supervised on leash time with my gang & has done excellent.  He doesn't have much interest in trying to play, he is constantly seeking praise & confirmation he's a good boy.  Here is a little bit of Fonzi's work this week!
His sit(stay)

 His down(stay)
Meet Bo Jackson!
This cutie pie is Bo Jackson.  He is an 8 month old Labrador-Mix.  He is a super excitable guy that is here to complete the Intermediate Obedience.  He is doing very well as learning the commands and has completed almost all of his commands for week one of training - Heel with an auto-sit when we stop, sit(stays), down from the side & down(stays), come with an auto-sit while on a leash & he's had one lesson on the place command.  He is doing very well with the lour of the other dogs around, as well as the cats.  He is still thinking that all people are for him so we are spending more time working him through that.   Bo is making lots of new friends & enjoying his playtimes!  Here is a little bit of Bo's work for this past week!
Bo's sit(stay)
 Learning that just because the door is open it's not an open invitation to take off
 Good boy!

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Annic_WebMD said...

How exciting!!! Fonzi looks like he's having a blast! I can't believe he was behaving with dogs right next to him -- that is wonderful.

I see that his tail is wagging in every picture! ;)

We miss him but we're having so much fun tracking his progress on the blog. Thank you so much, Ashleigh!