Monday, October 15, 2012

Ellie Update

Miss Ellie is doing EXCELLENT!  She is very smart & picks up on everything I teach her very quickly.  She has a great calm disposition and is very eager to please.  She has made a lot of new friends this past week but her very best friend is Roadie!  Here Ellie & Roadie are both practicing holding their down command and saying cheeeeese!  Ellie has completed heeling nicely at my left side & sitting when we stop.  Holding her sit (stays), down at my side with a down (stay).  she is super at coming when called either off the leash or on.  Today she started the "place" command as well as increasing the amount of time she has to hold her commands, adding more distractions & doing down from out in front & with some distance.  We still have a lot of work to get done this week before she goes home! :o)

Ellie on her "place" command while Kyleigh shares her toys
Holding her sit command while we open & close the front door

Getting some snuggles while holding her sit command. 
Ellie holding her down command while I go outside and increase my distance away from her as well as turning my back to her. (boarder Sunshine, former trainee is also doing excellent holding her sit command)

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MirandaN said...

OMG!! You are amazing. She is doing so great!! I just love the picture of her and Roadie. We should take him home with us!