Monday, October 15, 2012

Charlie Brown Update

Holding a down command
I am quite smitten with Mr. Charlie Brown.  He is such an absolute love bug.  Although he comes with that stubborn side that is just innate to the breed he has been great to work with this week for the Basic Obedience.  He is heeling nicely on my left side & stopping when we sit.  Holding his sit(stay), doing a down at my side & a down(stay).  He is still challenging me on a down from out in front in progress.  For his program we are doing a modified version of the Basic program and he is learning the "place" command also.  He does excellent with the place command.  Just like Ellie, Charlie is learning to do all these commands around more distractions and holding his commands for longer intervals of time.  He only has a few more days before he goes back to his family so it's back to work!!

Holding a sit command 
It's always good to share
Holding a sit command while I walk away

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