Thursday, October 18, 2012


This crazy guy is Brody!  He is a 2 year old Pitt mix that only has 2 speeds...... asleep or playing!! ;o)  He loves everyone, everything, anything...... off the leash.  He is here for the Advanced Obedience.  He is doing great but he too is taking the "I'm too cute to work" card.  He is a very smart guy with tons of potential!  I just have to get him to slow down long enough to focus!! :o)  Brody is all his basic commands down pat & is being introduced to his place command.  This should be a great way to help him stay focused and in one place!!
Brody being a good boy & holding a down before playtime
They look a little eeee-vil.  Boys will be boys.
Too pooped to even take a picture......
..... or get up and play with Dante

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