Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ooodles of Doodles!!

It's like Doodle City around here :o)  Miss Ellie is coming along very well in her training.  We hit a few stubborn moments every now and again when her friends are around but nothing too awful.  Ellie is also joined by Bella, a 10 month old Goldendood & Charlie a 7month old doodle (all from Ayers Pampered Pets).

Bella is a very sweet girl all the way from Tate, GA.  She is here for the Basic Obedience.  She is a spunky, playful girl.  She instantly made herself at home and is doing super!  She is walking on the leash nicely, heeling at my left side and sitting when we stop, holding her sit command.  We have started down but she is a little reluctant to hold his command so we still have some work to do as her training progresses!

Running with her buddy Dante

Charlie is such a sweet boy.  He is here for the Intermediate Obedience.  He is a pleaser for sure.  He is a social butterfly & everyone is his friend!! He is doing very well his commands - heel with an auto-sit, sit(stays), down(stays) and he's been introduced to come on the leash.

Hello Roadie
Wrestling with Lily

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Kazumi Nomura said...

Wow, lots of doodles!!