Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Jump Forward & Tiny Steps Back.....

Sophie & Lola are both doing very well. They each have their GREAT days where we make huge strides forward and the next day we take a few steps back. It's all part of the process where the bulb just isn't burning bright all the way. When the light does come on, though, they get it & do excellent from that point forward. They both teeter back and forth on understanding & still choosing to ignore about 5% of the time. Lola got most of her stubbornness out of the way in the beginning & is not making great progress, where as Sophie was very complaint in the beginning & is now starting to the the brakes on & question things. This next week we'll work on Lola's attention to hold her commands while off the leash & work more on Sophie's nerves around distractions, especially off the leash now. I'll hopefully have a video update on the girls this weekend as well as more pictures~!~!

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