Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Summer Time & The Live'n Is Dog Easy....

School is out & it seems as though everyone is on vacation right now & everyone wants their dog trained right NOW. I have a handful of new trainees as well as the usual campers!!

These two pretty ladies are with me for 2 & 3 weeks for some work on the Basics for Lola & Sophie is going through with the Advanced work!! They both are super sweet but definitely typical Beagle..... All nose & complete mind of their own :o) They have both had a great time getting to know the gang! Over the last few days I have covered their manners on the leash, how to greet people, no getting on the furniture, sit-stays, heel with auto sit, & the favorite, "no". Sophie is definitely the more willing the please of the two of them but I think they'll both be great!! More to come on these pretty girls later on!!
TOBIE: This little munchkin is Tobie. He is about a year old & full of spunk & energy. He is going through my Basic Obedience but staying a little longer than the usual time given his lack of attention aka his A.D.D. :o) He is doing very well & very willing to please but is VEEERRRY distracted by most everything....leaves, grass, the wind..... life. Over the next few days I'll be working him with the commands he's learned over this past days around the everyday distractions of life. He loves riding in the car & going to the barn to *see* the horses..... he doesn't care to get close to them. More updates on little man as his training progresses.

Bauer is coming along great. We're tying up the lose ends & getting ready for his go home on Tuesday. He's doing excellent off leash around every distraction I can throw at him. This weekend we'll master the off leash at the park & then he's good to go!!
Juice is a full of life little boxer girl that thinks she can take on the world. She will be with me working on her separation anxiety, learning her basics, learning to not bark excessively at people, & working on her manners & social skills. She has loved her first day of meeting the gang & riding in the car. She has a long road ahead of her so more pictures & updates to come on Miss Juice!!
Shepherd is still in progress for her service dog work & I'll have pictures & more updates on her to come this weekend so stay tuned!!

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