Friday, June 18, 2010

Newbie Gus

Meet Gus~
Gus is a 5 month old, beautiful Boxer puppy all the way from Montgomery, AL. Gus will be with me for a month to complete the Advanced Obedience course. He arrive this past Monday & so far he is doing exceptionally well. He's definitely a people pleaser! It took him a few days to get warmed up to the other dogs but you can't hold him back now from playtime. He can hold his own & out wrestle any of the bigger dogs :o) He has tons of personality but not in an "over-doing it" kind of way. This past week he has completed his heel with the auto-sit, his sit & down stays, come with the auto-sit (on the leash of course) and we're starting place today. I have been able to throw pretty tough distractions at him already! He has no problems focusing & keeping his attention on me. Next week we'll start his off leash work & increase attention to holding commands longer and we'll start out on leash outtings! Stay tuned for more on little Gus!

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