Friday, June 18, 2010

Juice Update!

My little Juice box is doing very well! She has accomplished heel with an auto-sit, her sit & down stays from the & at a distance, come on the leash and she'll start learning to come when off the leash starting next week. She came to me with separation anxiety in the crate, although I have not experienced anything of the sort. She is eating awesome; and is now finishing 4-5 cups per day depending on our activity level. She is doing very well and much better about giving me her full attention. Her barking is now to a minimum and she quits immediately when told to do so. Her socialization with strangers is getting much better & she's more accepting of meeting new people. She doesn't know a stranger when it comes to the dogs though ;o) She has a lot of work yet to complete & only about 10 days to get in all done. It's time to buckle down & focus. I'll have more updates on this sweet girl soon!!
Juice holding a down
Pretty girl :)
Juice snuggling with Maggie & Duke

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