Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sweet Girl Annie

Annie is doing pretty well considering we're only on her 2nd full day of training :) She's taken fine to the other dogs. She hasn't made a specific friend yet that she's buddied up with but it's still a little soon. She has been great riding in the car & definitely needs the exposure to anything & everything. She's just a scared girl that only knows to act like she's a big, bad girl to ward off, what she may feel as a potential danger.... which at this point.... is everything. It's going to be an full week for her, trying to get her around as much as possible so her family will have a good starting off point to continue her new routines & rules :o) More on Annie as the week goes on!
Ruger, Annie, Duke & Maggie passed out after morning playtime

Diesel, Mugsy, Ruger, Chase (hidden behind Annie), Annie & Blue...popping up to say hello Ruger, Annie, Duke & Maggie

Ollie & Annie snuggling..... it's cooooold

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mrsbentley519 said...

LOVE the picture with Miss Blue. Too cute.