Thursday, January 21, 2010

Woe is me :(

This rain is no good for training, walking dogs or working. It's also no good for getting stubborn puppies to go potty. Blu is doing excellent with the things we need to learn for the day. I'm having to move a little slower with him to make sure he gets it but he gets it :) He is doing very well with pottying in the pine strawed area (which his momma requested)and he goes every time I take him outside (1 & 2)..... however...... he has no problem going #2 in his crate either. He is a potty machine. So this new found habit of his MUST be corrected pronto. We will go for his potty walk, work a bit, play a bit - if he's done well in his lesson, potty again and then back in his crate for a little down time while I work with someone else. And he conjures up another present for me!!! And he doesn't care either, most dogs would whine to let you know or freak out that it's in there.... nope, not Blue. He's a pooper trooper. So he's on a MUCH more strict potty schedule which stinks because he was going out very regular before but ya do what ya gotta do to teach the little grasshopper. So the rain sets us back a little bit today. He's still not quite ready for the distractions at PetSmart or having the other dogs around while we're working so we'll have to make do. Have a happy wet day & more on Pooper Trooper Blue!

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gps said...

Thanks for the post & pics! Yes, I can see how the rain would create a problem. So - he's pooping IN the crate now? That's not good. I told you I thought he produced alot of poop for such a little guy! But in the crate? That's new. He only pooped in the crate once and that was my first full day back at work when Gary was traveling. I'm confident though that you will have that under control before he comes back home right? Anyway thanks for everything and I look forward to the next post!