Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Camper: BLU

Blue is a 4 month old Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (pictures to follow). I am super excited to work with him because the breed is sooo rare :) He is character, to say the least. He will be with me for the next 3 weeks for the Advanced Obedience. He had a great meeting of the gang. He is pretty outgoing & has NO fear of anything. He will be so much fun to work with over the next few weeks. He definitely has a stubborn streak but nothing too terrible at this point :) His momma will be following quite avidly, I'm sure, to see how her little soldier is shaping up! Day 1 was smooth. He's met a lot of people & is picking up on the no jumping, no playing with the leash & no pulling very nicely. Day 2 of heeling with the auto-sit is in the works. He is heeling wonderfully but isn't doing the automatic sit without reminders at this point. I have to work in a COMPLETELY calm environment because the slightest hint of any distraction completely throws him off; the distractions will come later :) He is learning to potty in pine straw only & is picking up on that without a hitch. So, more to come on the little man as the week progresses!

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