Monday, January 4, 2010

New Trainee!! ~~~~ ANNIE~~~~

This is Miss Annie! She is here for the next week learning a little Basic Obedience as well as learning how to be more social & not so scared of new people & things. She is a super sweet girl but definitely needs a confidence boost! She had a very smooth intro to the gang & is in observation mode right now. She's happy to just sit on the couch & observe at the moment :o) Stay tuned for updates on Annie's progress!!
Annie & Boomer

Pretty Girl!

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melinda said...

I am Annie's Aunt Melinda and I am glad she is at training camp. She is a sweet dog, but she needs to learn to adjust to new people better. On a recent visit she growled at my son everytime he entered the room. Tell her Aunt Melinda said hi . I lovingly call her " bad dog". Good luck with her.