Monday, January 25, 2010

Blu's Big Weekend!

Big boy Blu is doing 100% better in the potty department :o) Thank goodness for me! He's getting the routine, pottying in the pine straw only, going on command & we will start the potty bells by request from his momma! In the obedience department he is doing well as well. He has finished learning all his commands - Heel with auto sit, sit stays, down at my side, down stays, come with an auto sit, & place. Today we worked on adding the distractions in while doing all these commands. It wasn't a smooth transition but we had great sessions & he's coming around. He's starting to slow down & think more instead of just reacting. It's been a great first week & I'm sure he's just going to get better & better over the next few! More updates to come!
Blu on place

Blu's down stay :o)

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