Thursday, December 4, 2008

He Can Fly! He Can Fly!!

Little Duke looks awfully silly right now while we're training his ears to stand. He met a baby today for the first time. He did great. He was actually a lot calmer than I expected him to be. I was instructed to take his old tape down today & he goes back tomorrow morning to have them look at his ears & then he gets a new wrap on his ears. He looks like the flying Nun right now. He's pooped from his long day & I'm tired because of the rain. I guess there will be no working with horses or dogs today. Days like today make me want to sleep, sleep, sleep. Sometimes I wish I was Duke. He gets fed great food, sleeps whenever he wants to, plays, someone else takes care of him, he gets to meet new people & ride in the car everyday. What a life. Spoiled little guy.... not just him; all of mine are spoiled. I'd be any one of them any day!

Duke discovered the fire this week, even though I've had one almost every freezing cold night. He loves it. He lays so close, it makes me kind of nervous.

He has been testing the cats a lot lately. I really think he's going to have to take a good bot in the face for him to back off.
He only tries it when he thinks I'm not looking; little stinker.

He gets weighed & measured tomorrow. Any bets on how much he's up to now?? I'm guessing he's about 32lbs. I swear I go to bed and wake up and he's grown. It's crazy to think I've had him a month already. My how time flies. We're decorating the Christmas tree tonight. Awww, Duke's first Christmas tree. Hopefully I can get my Christmas pictures & cards finished this weekend. Anywho, tune in tomorrow to find out the weight of the beast! Night night :o)

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mrsbentley519 said...

He's like already Stella's size. The pictures look like he is. Although she is 50 lbs...but still! He'll be there next week.