Friday, December 5, 2008

The Monster!

Duke had his recheck on his ears & they were re-taped today. The vet said they look great & they're well on their way . He weighs 32.2lbs!! I was pretty much on the money. He's been quite a brat today. He's really wanting to challenge me at things which has been very unusual for him. He also started this overly dramatic crap where if he thinks he's in trouble & he's going to be corrected he starts howling like you're killing him (before you've even touched him) & he throws himself down on the ground.... like a 2 year old baby! Full out doggie temper tantrum. It's quite comical. He wears himself out, I don't know why he feels the need to act that way. Anyways. I'll start his formal obedience in about a month or so. For now it's just socialization, routines, boundaries, potty training; all that fun stuff. Well not much to update on for now. Lots of laundry & so little time :o)

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