Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away. . .

What a bunch of gloomy days we've had. And of course, more rain today. But lots of cute puppy faces :) Training has been limited to training at home & a short trip to PetSmart with Sunshine & Duke. They both did great. Sunshine was of course on alert & doing her whole licking the mouth & had the shark face on. I quickly snapped her out of that & we had a nice walk around PetSmart. We've of course been walking around the neighborhood but there aren't many people out & about with the droom & gloom going on. Sunshine is playing with all the dogs even the boarders. She's really doing wonderful and she's made lots of friends.

Vinnie & Sunny making nice. She's so gentle with him.
Sunny holding her "down" command next to the youngsters
She's doing such a great job continuing to hold her "down"

Duke had his recheck on his ears yesterday. They are standing great except the tips of them fall in slightly so they taped them to teach the tips to stand up straight. He's 13 weeks old now & he's 45lbs. Now that he's eating great he's finally looking like he's at a healthy weight. He's still 21 inches at his shoulders but he's at inch longer (45 or 46" I think). I can't I imagine where he's going to be in a month!! He & Stella are still madly in love & have been playing NON-STOP! It's great for me because he slept so hard when it was time for bed. I wish it wasn't so muddy outside, otherwise they could fun like fools & really get worn out. I really need good grass out there.... it's just too muddy when it rains. Here's Stella really wanting Duke to play with her...... isn't that just cute. He's not playing into the whole "aww, look at me" thing. Right after this he turned & pounced on her. It was hilarious. They play hard & then pass out for about an hour.

Bella has been my side kick since she got here. She's really calmed down a lot since I last watched her. She does so great! She is pefectly content & has just made herself quite at home. She's such a pretty girl. When I'm old & not training anymore & I want a dog to just enjoy & doesn't challenge me & just wants to be with me, I'll definitley have Goldens. They're such great dogs. I havne't met one I don't like & that isn't a breeze to train.

Well, we're off to work a bit & then take a nap..... well they will. I wish I was a dog :) I hope you like the rest of the pictures.


mrsbentley519 said...

LOVE IT!!! :) I miss them so much but know they are thoroughly enjoying themselves (and in good hands, too). I noticed Stella's nails need you clip nails? I will pay you! Just let me know. Did you end up giving Vinnie the Bordatella? I'll need to keep record of it for my vet. Thanks for the post & pictures!!

gailzip said...

Franny is so missing Sunshine! We're working on her down/stay so she doesn't have any advantages once Sunny gets home.