Friday, December 19, 2008

Whoa Is Me

Well the lack on eating continues with Duke. I tried Parmesan cheese in his food & he took about 3 bites & it was over. I got the suggestion today to feed him from a dinner plate that we would eat from. I'm taking any & all suggestions at this point. Anything to get him to put weight on. We're almost to the point of trying boiled chicken, brown rice, & veggies. I doubt it will work though. I have never experienced a dog with no desire for people food. I tried to give him the end pieces of the bread & he sniffed it and walked away. I tried giving him sliced turkey from the deli & he sniffed it and walked away. I'm baffled. He still responds best to me acting like I'm going to eat his food & then playing airplane with him & spoon feeding him. It's not a habit I want to get into with him; it's just not realistic. I don't' like finicky eaters. He loves Isaboo beef treats & Puppy jerky strips but he doesn't like them in his food. I think I'm going to try changing his protein base from chicken to lamb or venison. It's going to cost me..... that's my only worry. So, I just had the thought that maybe he'd like hotdogs.....everyone likes a hot dog. So I cut off a small piece of the end of a hot dog & he actually spit it out & walked away from it. ERRRRGGGHH!! So my list of things to try: (Please feel free to e-mail me suggestions)

  1. Yogurt
  2. Water
  3. Feed him on a dinner plate
  4. Try a low brand dog food . . . . not excited about that one.
  5. Don't feed him if he doesn't eat. . . . he'll eat when he gets hungry; so they say.
  6. Chicken Broth
  7. Force Feed him. . . . . . I don't like this one either

Well.... more to come on Duke's eating or should I say lack there of...

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mrsbentley519 said...

I feel your pain. Honestly, it took Phoebe 4 weeks to finally come around. She'd eat bits here and there, but of no real substance. Drove me INSANE. I was seriously depressed. Well, it wasn't until 4 days before she was adopted that she finally came around. Why? No idea. Maybe it really IS that she'll eat when she's hungry. Have you tried leaving it in his crate at night? We would do that and wake up and Phoebe had eaten it. Everyone always told me to give her peanut butter sandwiches. Drove me nuts, but she liked them, and it was high in calories, fat, & protein. So you might try that. I hate it for you!!!!