Sunday, December 14, 2008

He's Almost 12 weeks....

I know it's been quite a while since my last post. I had a death in my family so I haven't had much time to post updates. Duke is 12 weeks old tomorrow, Monday, Dec. 14th. Duke had his first road trip to Virginia with me last week. He did great. It was a bit stressful the long hours in the truck, new sleeping arrangements, different eating schedules, but all in all I think he did okay. It was great socialization for him. I took Duke, Boomer & the stow away Chaser. Tom stayed home with Ruger, Cammi, Jake, & momma's dog Lexi. Chase was supposed to stay home but he jumped in the truck & hid under the back seats. I had no idea. I had to dropped the cat & other dogs off at the vet clinic to board and he stayed hidden the whole time. Then about an hour into my drive he popped out seemingly very pleased with himself. He's such a smart boy. He doesn't do well when I go out of town; he doesn't eat, he pouts & sulks & hides behind the toilet so he decided he was going no matter what :) Pretty cute, I think. Mr. Duke has some catching up to do as far as gaining weight. He's gone on a food strike since the trip. He's only gained about 2 lbs in the past 10-12 days. It sounds like a lot but he should be gaining about 3-6 lbs per week. He's looking skinny because he's growing so quickly. Or I'm just being a worry wart again. I don't have many pictures this post since I've been away. It just wasn't on my mind to take pictures of him. But none the less...... here are a few pictures from our trip!

Duke asleep over the back seat
Duke, Boomer & Tanner enjoying the car ride
Duke & me smooching. . . or me head locking him :)

Duke goes back to the vet on Tuesday, 16th to have his ears checked again. Hopefully they'll be standing completely by themselves. We'll see!! He's probably about 35lbs now & all legs! Gosh they grow up so quickly. Well more on Duke later on!

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