Friday, December 19, 2008

"I've Got Sunshine. . . ."

This is Sunshine aka Sunny. She is a 4 year old mix breed. She has come to stay for the next 21 days for our Advanced Obedience. She's such a stinker. She likes to act out aggressively towards other dogs when she's on a walk & she think it's okay for her to drag her owner along in the process. Key word is act. She's just a bit too big for her britches & she needs major socialization with the group as well as getting her manners in check & allowing her to do all of this off leash! It's going to be so much fun working with her. She is soooo smart. Today we've worked on her heeling at my left side & sitting automatically when we stop. Of course we had to do intros to the group & she failed miserably at that. She's been able to call all the shots up to this point with all dogs & she's having to learn to not act like a bully every time she gets around other dogs. She got the message pretty quickly. As soon as she postured & started licking her lips MAJOR correction & on her side she went (by me, of course). My dogs aren't allowed to act out either :) She had a very puzzled look on her face as I made her lay on her side with her head down while the rest of the group got to sniff her with her completely submitting. She did Fabulously! She got back up & laid next to me at the computer. She ignored the others, which is what I expected once the intros were over. I think she's going to be fantastic & her owners are going to love the new & improved Sunshine!! More to come tomorrow. Pray for no rain; I'm wanting to take her to a park & work on her walking past other dogs. As well as walking at the park we're going to do down at my side, back up to a sit from a down, & holding all of her commands until she's released w/distractions around. Big day tomorrow!

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mrsbentley519 said...

I want to come!!! You know Stella is QUITE the distraction. :) Sunshine has boxer ears :)