Monday, June 15, 2009

Bye, Bye Scarlet :'o(

Scarlet had her go-home lesson this morning. I was very sad for her to go. Can I say.... in the beginning she did NOT due me proud. She was out of her mind with excitement to see her momma & be back home & she definitely had the mentality that she did NOT have to listen now that she was home. It took a few minutes to remind her that was not the case & to collect herself & act like she' been away for training for a month! In the end she composed herself & was back to the trained..... sane Scarlet. Her momma made put together a beautiful arrangement of fresh cut Hydrangeas as a thank you. They are lovely & I love them! I can't wait to have follow up lessons with Scarlet & Mo & see how they are progressing with their mom!

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