Monday, June 15, 2009

God Has A Way.....

I'm never sure why dogs always seem to find their way to me, but in fact.... another has. This is Magnolia (Maggie). She is a Great Pyrenees pup; maybe a year or so old. She was left at the barn. This behavior seems to be a common occurrence by driver-byers. I guess they see us with the dogs & horses & cats & chickens & so, on & so on ........ That they just assume it's a good place to leave their animals if they can't take care of them anymore. Maggie has been, quite literally, a dream dog.

Wait, lets do a little rewind here....... A Great Pyrenees is a shepherds dog, originated in France that was bred to guard the flocks & haul artillery over the Pyrenean Mountains. They are usually rather large dogs(100-120lbs) but females can be substantially smaller(80-90lbs) than males. They are great babysitters for kids, watchful, calm & even tempered ---- unless provoked (keep that in mind for a future story). They don't fully mature until the age of 2 so I'm sure she has a little more growing to do & the breed standard states they should have dual dew claws on their hind legs.... Like having 2 thumbs out of the same joint. (shown below)

Okay, so, as I was saying she has shown up to this point to be a dream find!! She is great with the other dogs. Not playful, not aggressive, just indifferent, great with kids, POTTY TRAINED, loves to ride in the truck, doesn't run off! She took to us immediately. She's obviously been around people. So I was wrestling with Duke & he was making the "gerrrrr" noise he often makes when we play. Maggie, bowed up & showed her teeth at him in protest. It was enough to make her point that she didn't like Duke "hurting me". Unbelievable instincts; she keeps her eye on everything that's going on & where everyone is going. She's super alert to changes & wants your eye contact when she's trying to tell you something. She rang the potty bells in my house & sleeps next to the bed all night & doesn't move. Remind me off all this in a few weeks when she gets totally comfortable & starts to open up a bit ;o) So anyways, that's Maggie, the newest member of the Gang! (for now at least)

Maggie, Lars, & Gracie hang'n out!


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