Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Gracie is doing well. She definitely has a little case of A.D.D. we're working around. She gets distracted easily & her attention to hold commands is about .5 seconds & then she's on to the next fun thing. She is definitely making progress. She greeted the UPS lady today with great manners at first & then as she turned to leave Gracie pounced..... better luck next time. We'll work more on her greetings towards people tomorrow. Here is a little bit to show what Gracie's working on.....

"Heel" with auto sit

"Down" at my side
"Good Girl Gracie

"Sit" (stay)

I don't usually teach place this early in the game but Gracie definitely needed to learn some patience & to slooooow doooown. Place is a great tool to do so!


Jill said...

I miss my Gracie and boy is she growing!!!
She looks like she's doing her commands better, and I can't wait to get her trained off leash.
Give her kisses for us!!!!

Your the best Ashleigh!!!!!

Jill said...

Gracie Mae looks like she's learning so much and having a lot of fun! She may not want to come home.... much more to do with Miss Ashleigh. We are looking forward to getting her next week! Really miss her.
Thanks so much Ashleigh!
Your the best!!!