Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mid Week Update On the Crew!

Well, well. Where do we begin. So much to say & so little time. Kinsley went to his new home this weekend with my Aunt & Uncle! They love him & from what I hear there's been minimal transitional whoas. Sasha is hanging out with me until Friday working on being more on point & responding better around distractions. She's doing great. Gracie-lou has made a complete 180 degree turn for the better. She is still playful, silly, go wild Gracie but she is well mannered now & she listens. She is going home next week & I am quite sad :o( We have a new-comer, Goldie!! She is doing the Advanced Obedience. Her first two days have been awesome. She is super responsive & focused & looooves to please. She's going to do wonderful! She loves the other dogs & staying on her place wonderfully as well (pictures to come). Neo, the Mastiff, is doing very well. His on leash obedience is wrapping up & I'll be starting his off leash work soon. He's quite a lover; super sweet boy :o)

On a personal note, my baby horse, Levi is doing AWESOME. He's growing like a weed & is soooo dang tall it's amazing. He's pretty much looking me in the eyes, which doesn't say much but for a week old he's purdy tall! (more picture of that to come as well).

Have a great evening everyone!

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