Monday, June 15, 2009

Jelly & Jake

This is Jelly (Angelica) & Jake! Jelly is here for her Basics & Jake is getting revised remote collar work. Angelica is a Great Dane puppy & Jake is a Jack Russell/Beagle/Something mix....heehe. He's soooo cute & full of personality. He is super smart & doing wonderful learning the remote collar. His momma wanted him to polish up on coming when called & getting "out" when told. Specifically out of the riding arena when she's working her horse. Jelly is a cutie but definitely has her own agenda & minding is NOT on that to-do list. She's doing excellent with her leash work & heeling but fighting the "come" command. Surprise, surprise! :o)They are staying until the end of the week & then it's back to South Carolina! More to come on Jelly & Jake!!

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