Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Much Needed Updates!

Well.... where do I even start. I've been bad, bad, bad about updating the progress of the pooches. Here goes!
Mo went home last week & FAB-U-LOUS!! He & his momma were headed out to the beach for one week & then Miss Scarlet gets to join her momma & big brother back at home. Scarlet needed a little extra work. Which leads me to Scarlet...

Scarlet is doing 100 times better. She is going everywhere with me off leash & responding extremely well. We're working on her attention to commands..... right now she's not good at holding them, especially around distractions. She is quite the social butterfly & LOVES playtime. She is getting big fast. She is scheduled to go home Monday. I'm sure her momma & Mo will be happy to have her home! I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with not 1 but 2 Spinones!!!! Maybe I'll add the breed to my list of dogs I'd like to own in my lifetime.....
Here are some pictures of Scarlet working on her off leash at the dog park!
Mugsy is practically like one of the family now. He gets along great with EVERYONE! He is such a lover & so fully of personality. He has such a silly side..... but that's definitely the Boxer in him. He is doing excellent with his Basic Obedience.... no problems what so ever. I definitely hope his forever home decides to continue working with him & even completes the Advanced Obedience! Mugsy would love the added freedom of exploring at the park when we go out or even going to the barn with me & being able to explore off the leash! Keep your fingers crossed for Mugsy that the Rockin P Rescue gets lots of calls of people that would like to adopt him!!
Sasha is doing wonderful! She has about a week or more left on her training & she's coming along just like she should. She love splaying with the gang & is super attentive to her commands. She is super willing to please & such a lover at night when it's time to calm down & just snuggle. She is going to be such a great dog for her family. She's personable & inquisitive. I'll start her off leash work this week & then she'll be good to go!! More pictures of Sasha to come!!
Gracie, Gracie, Gracie......
Where do I begin with her ;o) She is such a sweet girl. Her nickname is Hoover due to the fact that as she walks around with her face to the ground eating anything in her tracks. That's been the biggest obstacle with her..... teaching her to keep her head up when she's not in a command to keep her form eating EVERYTHING!! She's fine if she's in a command & her attention is on the commands or me but give her free rein to do as she pleases & she's looking for things to put in her mouth.... like a teething baby :o) She is doing TONS better with her obedience in general. She is still super exuberant & would prefer to run everywhere we go but she is starting to learn to sloooooow doooowwwn & focus. She will definitely keep her momma on her toes when she gets back home..... which isn't until the end of June.... thank goodness for me!

Kinsley is awesome. We're slowly coming along with the "get the paper" command. He reeeally doesn't like the plastic in his mouth. He's doing it but reluctantly so I think I'm going to encourage his with his favorite reward at the end.... lots of love & a liver treat ;o) That should perk him up a bit! He is still a little nervous when we go to new places but worlds better than he was before. He'll just need the continued exposure to new things & of course his new momma & dad will keep up with his commands & keep him in line :o) He is scheduled to go home the weekend of June 19th & I know his new family (my aunt & uncle) can't wait to have him there FINALLY!!

Parker joined me for about 6 days for me to teach him the Advanced Obedience! He did wonderful & he's going to have so much more fun with his owners now that he can run off leash & they can feel confident he'll come back when they call him, no matter what he sees or would rather play with! I can't wait to hear updates on how well Parker & his family are doing with is off leash skills!!

Jasmine & Kiki have been boarding as well as Miss Ava & two newbies, Phoebe & Tad. It's always great to have the extra playmates & Parker & Ava love each other!! I love being able to keep in touch with my trainees & see them regularly!!
Kiki getting ready for bed Jasmine (or as we call her Jazz-er-men)AvaWe have new trainees coming in this week as these guys start to head out! More to come with updates on the new guys starting training!!

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