Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updates on the Babies!!

Hi Mom's, Dad's, family members, friends & new followers! Just wanted to give an update on how all my trainees & boarders are doing! Sasha, the Husky puppy, went home on Friday. I was sad to see her go after 4 weeks of training but she is really doing great! She is so willing to please & so smart, she shouldn't give her family much trouble at all. I'll have a follow up lesson with her in the next few weeks with an update on her progress!
Gracie-lou is doing very well. Her mom & dad (Dr. Andy) are away this week on vacation so it
just makes more sense for Gracie to stay with me and continue her training & play!! We love having her & I will be terribly sad to see her go on Friday. She loves going for walks with me (off leash of course), as well as go to the horses with me.... but I have to keep an eye on her. She's kinda sneaky about trying to steal a mouth full of horsie-surprise (if you know what I mean ;o) She had a hot spot that started last week but with TLC & meds seems to be getting much better! Her potty training is going so great. We haven't had an accident in weeks but she's on a very strict feeding schedule & I always monitor her water intake (which is a lot) so that I can let her out to potty accordingly. Every time I work with a Golden it makes me want one.... don't worry, no more for us for a while.

Neo is coming along nicely. It's been slow progress with him because I've been working on his confidence issues as well. He knows all his obedience commands (heel w/auto sit, sit-stays, down-stays, come, at ease, place & of course, No.) He's started his off leash but the collar I ordered for him had a problem so I'm waiting for his new one to come today & we can pick back up where we left off :o) His socialization has come 360 degrees. She's much more comfortable around the other dogs now. He is okay with the cats as long as he's watched but I wouldn't trust to leave him unattended with them at this point. He's putting on his weight slowly.... he would put more on if he was snipped (hint hint). But over all Neo is doing very well. I'll spend the next week of so polishing up all his commands, adding distractions, & of course working off leash!
Goldie girl is doing pretty well.... The last few days has been her stubborn streak & DE-FI-ANT!!! She's definitely going to make me work this next week! We went for a loooong walk this morning & she acted like it was day 1 all over again :o( By the end of the walk she had collected herself but it was pretty rough for the first 10min or so. Then she joined Duke & I at the horses & she did fabulously! She was off leash the whole time & followed me & followed all her commands beautifully. Then when we got home we worked on "place" for a bit. I ring the door bell, knock & funny enough, she always falls for it, heehee. Her barking is getting much better. There's always that initial freak out moment & then I give her direction & commands, she quites down & does what she's supposed to. The UPS truck should be here between 2 & 4 today so that will be a great test for her! She's scheduled to go home Friday so she can be home for her momma's birthday so we've got get crack'n on a betters success rate & much less defiance :o)

Shelly, the Bichon Frise' puppy, has been with me for the last few days advancing in her obedience to the Advanced Off Leash program as well as working on her stubbornness & defiance. She has hit her "adolescence" so to speak & has really been a handful for her family. She is taking it upon herself to make a new place to go potty...... & it's a very poor choice. So I'm getting her back on track for her potty training & when she gets home she'll have a strict schedule & she'll be well mannered & controllable off the leash!! She is loving the other dogs & play & she an snuggle bug at night :o) Such a sweet girl. She has also joined me at the horses, off the leash. She is still a bit nervous around the horses. She runs in for a quick sniff & then hauls tush back to my side & then she gets excited, almost as if she's proud of herself. It's pretty cute. More to come on Shelly!

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aronoffjc said...

Glad you are seeing the real Goldie. Got to love her!