Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July long weekend. We had a fun weekend. Goldie went home Friday & was able to spend the 4th of July with her family & on her momma's birthday. I'm not too sad though because she will joining us as a boarder on Friday along with her brother, Chewie, a Schnauzer! It so exciting to have them! Gracie went home on Friday as well. Her momma was so excited to have her home, I'm sure! I as sad so see her go after spend the past month with her & working with her. She's going to be wonderful just like her sister, Bella! For the most part training was low key this past week, so that made for a nice break. Neo is doing pretty well. I started back on his off leash work & more distractions. He's having trouble with the more distraction thing.... especially if it moves quickly & is furry. :oP Shelly is actually going to stay with me until the 17th. She wasn't quite ready to go home & her family was going to Florida until then so it just makes more sense for her to stay here where she's comfortable & continue working on her off leash work! So Chase & Oliver are very happy to have her. It's funny because Shelly & Neo are actually great friends. He loves her & she loves mounting his face, hahaah.

Murphy joined us for the 4th of July weekend & through this week. Mo & Scarlet, the Italian Spinones that I trained a few weeks ago, are back for the 4th of July weekend as well! I was so excited to see them & glad to report their momma is doing wonderfully with them!! Diesel's service dog training is coming to a close soon & he will be joining his new family in a few weeks. Right now he's just in work mode instead of being in training mode. He's learning to live his work now. I'm going to be a sad mess when he leaves. I was there when he was born (1st one to be born in the litter), visited him & his brother Ruger almost daily until he was 5 weeks & have raised him since he was 5 weeks & the longest I've been away from him is a week on vacation. *sniff *sniff I know this is what he & his new momma need though. It's such a bitter sweet scenario. He's going to be so helpful & he'll have a much more fulfilling life than just be a fun pet.


Mugy hanging out with Ty & Ruger after his bath

Gracie drying after her bath :o)

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