Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hi! I'm Dakota. People call me "Kota"

This is "Kota"! She is sweet, sweet girl that has a mind of her own :o) Although her momma thinks she's a Rhodesian Ridgeback-mix, I think she's just a Hound/Lab mix. Either way she's a sweet girl with a great disposition!! She is here just for the Basics! She will be learning over the next week to have better manners, heel nicely at my left side, sit stays, down stays & come - - all of which is just on a leash for now. I'm sure she's advance into other programs. She was a rescue that her family decide to keep!! She has an older sister, a Golden Retriever, Bailey. She is a little pushy & over zealous when it comes to playing with Bailey & my dogs, I have now seen so she's going to learn patience & how to stop when it's time to stop. She has some other behavior issues such as counter surfing & occasionally grabbing & chewing things she shouldn't chew on. Yesterday she learned to not jump up when greeting people as well as no pulling on the leash & we addressed the counter surging issue (which I'm sure isn't over yet....) She's done very well so far. She's still not focused & her nose leads the way so we'll work on that over this next week. More pictures & updates on Kota to come!!!
Kota holding her sit-stay with toys & other dogs around. Great job!

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