Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet Charlie & Hannah!

This is Charlie & Hannah. They are with me for the next 2 weeks for the Intermediate Obedience. Charlie is a terrier-mix & Hannah is a pitt-mix. They are both super sweet & loving playing with the gang. Hannah has been much more submissive but in a wild woman, flip over on her back then flip back on her feet kinda way. She's like a fish outta water. Charlie has been very calm & laid back. He's very attentive & pretty familiar with the commands already. They both are walking nicely on the leash in a heel, doing their sit-stay, & this morning we started on the down-stays. Nothing much to report at this point. They are both right on track & doing great! So more to come on Hannah & Charlie!

Charlie in his sit-stay

Hannah's sit stay (she's refusing to look at me)


Charlie's down-stay but he's keep'n his eye on the kitty :o)

Hannah passed out after playtime!

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Robyn said...

Thank you ashleigh. I didn't realize I would be missing them quite so much. Hannah looks a little sad and charlie just looks pissed off to me. Lol. Have a great timem