Monday, July 20, 2009

Amy's 1 Week Progress Report!

This is Amy! She is a 1 year old English Golden Retriever, quite literally from England. :o) She is a beautiful, sweet, sensitive girl; very much the Nervous Nelly. She is with me for the Advanced Obedience as well as some serious confidence building work. She has a bad case of separation anxiety when she's away from people & there's no other dogs or people to "keep her safe" in her mind. This first week with Amy I really focused on getting her comfortable with me & building her trust. She's had obedience before so she understand the basic commands but she doesn't have an affinity for staying when told :o) I polished up all her commands (sit, heel, down, come, no) & intro'd the release command as well as the place command. Teaching her to over-come her fear of staying when told & being comfortable for people to leave the room while she's left in that room is SUPER important for her family. I definitely have my work cut out for me with her. She is very trainable & super smart. She picks up on the obedience aspect without a hitch. Now the rest of my time with her is working on staying with confidence & her off leash work. More pictures & updates on Amy as the days progress.
Amy in her down-stay

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