Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet Kobi!!

This is Kobi! He's a 4 month old Golden Retriever. He started last Thursday & will be with me for 2 week for the Intermediate Obedience. Kobi is such a good boy & he is just all puppy. He was very defiant the first two days & didn't care much for learning or pay attention because he's much rather play with Jack, Aspen, Olli & Murphy but he has since moved past that stubbornness & he is doing excellent. He has learned to heel nicely at my left side & sit when we stop, sit-stays, down-stays, & place. I usually would do "come" before "place" but Kobi definitely needed to learn to stay in one place first. Tomorrow we'll start the come command & start adding in harder distractions. Hope you enjoy the pictures & more to come on Kobi's progress when we start his off leash work!
Kobi on place :o) Good Boy!

"Hello Ty, I'm Kobi" Kobi & Jack smooch'n

Jack, Kobi, & Mugs relaxing in the shade after romping in the kiddie pool

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