Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Randomly Cold Days in April....

I hope everyone is staying warm on these randomly cold days in April. The dogs have looooved the cooler weather. It's made them more frisky during playtimes.

Parker did wonderful yesterday. He's super responsive to learning the commands & very willing to please. He learned to heel nicely at my left side & sit when I stop, sit (stays) & at ease. We worked on his manners as well when he's off the leash. He knows not to jump when the leash is on but he becomes a different boy when the leash comes off. We had contractors at the house yesterday so they were more than willing to play with the dogs & encourage all the bad behaviors so that I could correct them & show them the right way to get attention. "A" for Parker!!

Spike & Landon are doing okay. Spike is waaaay more attentive & willing to please. He really did pretty great yesterday. He's walking on the leash nicely in a "lets go" & in a "heel" & he stops at my left side & sits. I am having problems getting him on a potty schedule. He should be making it 2-3 hours without pottying but he's not. I'm teaching them how to ring the potty bell & that's a slow learning process as well . Landon is a bit more reserved & prefers not to please at all if he can help it. He's rather do his own thing & be a sweet boy. I did work with both of them yesterday on ignoring paper towel rolls & TP rolls. They both picked up very quickly on that. No destructiveness!! Yay! More updates on potty progress later on.

Ava is COMPLETELY coming out of her shell. She is meeting & greeting people with a small bit of hesitation but then she's very quick to warm up & then she loves you. She is playing with the other dogs now. Aspen, the 4mo old black lab pup, is to thank for that. He brought her out of her shell & now she's this little social butterfly. Murphy the yellow lab is boarding so Ava, Parker, Aspen, & Murphy are bestest friends. They zoome from one side of the yard to the other with Parker in the lead. It's too cute.

Speaking of Aspen. He is such a laid back puppy. He has such a sensitive little heart. He's totally food driven. He'd eat & drink himself to death I'm pretty sure. He's doing pretty well. I'm moving a bit slower with him so we just worked on him not pulling on the leash, sit (stays) not jumping on people, heel with the auto sit & at ease. He loooves to ride in the car & does very well. Like I said he's pretty laid back & has a go with the flow attitude until there's food involved & then he gets tunnel vision & that's all he knows. :o)

Niles started his off leash remote collar work. He did AWESOME! It really brought things together for him. He does all the commands, heel with auto-sit, sit(stays), down(stays), come, motion commands, place & he learned all his hand signals but he's not doing them consistently & definitely wasn't doing them as well when I'd take the leash off. I had to stay on top of him. He was super responsive to the remote collar, almost like he's done it his whole life. I hope today brings more good news in the world of off leash for Niles!! He's continuing to play & be more independent but his heart definitely lies with people. He loooves people & he knows no stranger. He's a sweet boy.

Lucy is a seasoned trainee now :o) She's doing great. We went to PetSmart to pick up more food yesterday. He says hello to stranger with small hesitation but not growling or acting terrified. She's drinking from the same bowl as the other dogs without sass or attitude, she's playing great with everyone, minding all her commands & she's an absolute love with us! I love her!.

Della had her go home lesson yesterday. She is a TOTALLY different dog at home. She went right back to her old stuff on our walk around the neighborhood; barking, growing, pulling, acting like a rabid killer, lol. That's a little dramatic, yes, but she really is different. So I was able to show her owners how to correct the problem, be consistent with her & continue to make progress. I'll have a follow up lesson on Saturday so hopefully she's doing well still. I hope to have Della back to board. She's a doll & we love her!

For everyone that's been following the progress of our pregnant Mare (horse), Sazzy, the vet checked her yesterday & she is in fact barren; without beebee, no bun in her oven, Nada, Nothing :'o( I am sad to say the least. The vet suspects she lost the baby around 5 months into her pregnancy & then with the oncoming of the winter months she didn't have heat cycles & then when he checked her yesterday..... she was in heat. Blah. So that's, that. We do have a Thoroughbred Mare (female) coming form Virginia in a few weeks that is expected to foal in May or June.... but we'll see. My barn kitty is having babies for sure, our chicken, Thelma, go eaten by a fox, & I'm still taking donations to put towards Diesels training for Ms. Darlene Harrison (refer to old blog for info or email me if you're interested). Have a good day & stay warm!

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mrsbentley519 said...

I am majorly bummed about your horse. I'm sorry :( And your chicken...NOOO! That is so sad. Bad day at the barn. Aspen sounds very much like Vinnie. He is very sensitive. And food motivated. He would literally explode into a million pieces if we let him keep eating. Sooooo unlike Big Sis. You are going to love him. He is going to be a favorite trainee of yours, I can tell. You won't be able to resist his U-shape body every time he sees you!!