Sunday, April 5, 2009


Let me take a few seconds to take a breath & catch everyone up on their babies. I tried to post updates a few times this week & I kept getting an error message :o/ so, here goes.....

Spring Break is officially here & this is my busiest week of the whole year. As well as extra trainees, I have the usually holiday boarders with me. It's so great having everyone here! Playtimes are a blast & of course everyone gets along great (because they know they have to ;o) I guess that's the good part about boarding at the trainer's house. Most all of my boarders go home at the end of the week & then it'll just be my trainees!!
Kitt's go home lesson was yesterday. He did wonderful. Of course he thought he was back to his old tricks when he got home but it didn't take long get him back in order & his momma did fantastic! I have another follow up lesson with him next week. I hope to have great things to report on Kitt!
Della has had a great week! She actually completely different here than she is at home. A few times she has has some barking fits, but they go for a second, I clap my hand & say "no" & give her a command, like, go lay down & she quits right away. My lawn guy was here Tuesday & I had him walk past the window a lot & ring the door bell a lot & pet her a lot.... & she did wonderful! She's a sweeeeeet girl. Tom likes her very much. She & him have become good little buddies. She doesn't play with the other dogs but she also isn't aggressive nor does she really show them any mind at all. She's quite content for them to just play around her while she sun bathes ;o)We've taken a walk at the new park by my house to see how she does with her heel command & she's right on point. She gets very alert to people & other dogs but no reaction. Monday morning I am taking her home & I hope she'll react since she'll be with her owners & then I can show them how to properly correct her over zealous barking fits :) But otherwise Della is a dream.

Niles is doing very well. He's finally not giving me such a hard time & being so defiant. His absolute best command is place. He's looooves it. He's see that I have his place out, he whines with excitement when he knows he going to it, he curls up into a tiny little ball & goes to sleep. It's pretty cute. He's playing great with the other dogs now & not being so attached to me, which is a good thing. I wanted to see him playing & being a bit more independent. We should be starting his off leash tomorrow (Monday). Hopefully things come together this week with him otherwise I might have to keep him a few extra days to make sure he's right where he should be. He must be on a growing streak & I'm sure some of it has to do with him playing so much now but he's been an eating machine. He knows when it's time to eat now & he runs to his kennel & just waits. It's pretty cute. He really enjoys our walks in the wooded trails at the back of my property (fenced of course).
This is Aspen. He is a 4 month old black Labrador Retriever puppy. He's learning the Advanced Obedience! He's such a great looking guy; very well bred & suuuuuuper sweet. He has played great with Duke & Ruger. He doesn't know he's a little man at all!! His potty training is going pretty well, only 1 accident & I think that was from drinking so much water at play time (which is his favorite time of the day! He's learned to walk on the leash without pulling, no jumping on people, sit (stays), "no" & let's go. He's still very distracted so I'm moving at a little bit of a slower pace with him. He has a bit of a stubborn streak..... no that's the wrong word, he's not stubborn, he's completely oblivious & just likes to be persistent with what he wants. I think he's great & is going to be an awesome family pet!
This is Parker. He is a 1year old-ish coonhound mix. He's an absolute love. And if he's not loving on someone he's playing like a maniac with the other dogs. He is going to be with me for the next two weeks working learning the Intermediate Obedience. Because of the Spring Break rush I'll officially start working with him on his commands Monday. He have worked on not jumping on people, no pulling on the leash, & let's go. All of which he does great at! His cousins, Milo & Max are boarding for Spring Break. They were very excited to see each other!

This is Spike & Landon. These two 4month old Yorki-poos are here working on their potty training & Basic Obedience. They will be with me for the next 7-14days depending on how well they take to things. They are two peas in a pod. They also will officially start Monday. They've socialized great with everyone & are great snugglers! They're also joined by their older brother, Moe who's just boarding. He's a sweet old man who's most content to just follow me around the house or sleep :)

Last but certainly not least is Ava! She is a 6 month old German Shepherd. She is with the for the Advanced Obedience & some serious socialization with dog & people. She warms up to people pretty quickly but we definitely need to work on her around the other dogs. She's super scared. I know the gang will be able to bring her out of her shell!!

So as you can see my plate is definitely full over the next month or so with all my new trainees as well as Mr. Mexican Jumping Bean, Niles :) & Lucy. I'll have more pictures & updates of everyone's progress soon!

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