Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Super Stars!!

Everyone is doing AWESOME in their training! I don't have a bad thing to report on anyone :o)

Vinnie-vitty-vichi (or how every you say it) is doing great. We've done, heel with auto-sit, sit (stay), down at my side, down(stays), down from the front, sit from a down at the front & side & come all on a lease. He picks up on things very fast & he's focusing much better than the first few days. :o) He's been a playing fool & doesn't like to come inside when it's time. Silly boy. He's very sensitive & needs a lot of encouragement & reinforcement to keep that little butt wiggling. He's done great with his potty training since the rain has moved out :o) He's moving right along thanks to the diligence & consistency of his momma in Puppy Preschool!

Peter Parker is so great. (and yes, I have silly names for most all of them)He makes me want to smooch his face..... constantly. It's a terrible affliction ;o) He loves to please & responds soooo well to praise when he does well. But he does have a stinker side that thinks he can pull the "I'm too cute, look how cute I am, I'll show you my belly & be super cute & you won't want to make me do anything". I think he thinks he has hypnotic abilities to make people not make his act like the well mannered man he can be, heehee. Parker is set to go home on Saturday & I'm sure his momma & daddy miss him terribly!

Ava my little social butterfly is just that; a complete socialite now. She loooooves other dogs, she's saying hello to everyone we meet & is following her commands wonderfully. She does have a bit of a stubborn streak around distractions but that's too be expected....she's a Shepherd. We'll move through that.... piece-a-cake! I've actually had to reel her in a bit on play-time because she & Parker get insane together. They both are a bit more limited on how long they get to play with each other. I know, I know, mean ole' trainer, but I gotta stay focused on the matter at hand & that's training :o) I'm so glad she's relinquished her fears & opened her eyes to the fantasticness of PLAYING!!! Good job AVA!!
It's going to be quite hard for me to part is Aspen. (*sniff *sniff). He's wiggled his way into a soft spot on my heart. He is doing so well. Like I've mentioned before I've gone a bit slower with him because he seems to respond better to moving at a slower pace with a lot of repetition & consistency. He's very bright & he is a thinker. You can see the wheels turning on his face. He has such a lazy side to him, it just cracks me up (as you can see from the picture). This is how he's been sleeping in his crate & doesn't move even if you open the door. Goofball. We're starting his off leash now. Keep your fingers crossed he's as responsive off leash as he's been on the leash!
Niles, who adopted the title "my little mexican jumping bean", from how springy & bouncy he was is now just "bean", heehee. He is going bath number 101, not literally but there have been quite a few. You have to be on top of your game & very diligent about taking him outside or he potties in his crate. Surprisingly he's only had 1 accident in the house. And his accidents in his crate only happen at night time :o( But behaviorally he's AWESOME!!! He's responding super to the remote off leash training. He's been to the barn with me & pretty much everywhere off leash (of course, not anywhere he'd get hurt). He's is not one that you can give the benefit of the doubt. He has no problem ignoring you & not minding if he knows you won't follow through 110% of the time. He likes to push the envelope & see his limits...... all the time. He is super social now & loooooves chasing the other dogs. I think he thinks he's a big dog & he loves to be the first to tell me the yard guy is here or FedEx is here or the neighbor is walking their dog, or the mail is here..... He's a great little alert dog but not too excessive. He will stop promptly when asked to. He is scheduled to go home Tuesday & I'm sure his family will be glad to have him back!

Doodle bug 1 & 2 AKA ask Spike & Landon are great! I have figured out Spike's potty training quirks so I'll be able to give his momma & daddy this wonderful bit of information to help his potty training success continue when they go home. They are VERY responsive to "lets go" & "come" now! Spike especially. Landon is more of the watcher & follower. If Spike says it's okay, then it's okay. If Spike comes, than Landon will as well. But they are both doing well separately :o) They have great manners when meeting people now. They still need the occasional reminder to keep 4 feet on the floor but nothing too terrible. They respond great to their "no" command. They are scheduled to go home Monday morning. They will do fantastic as long as mom & dad follow through with the routine I've set in place & the rules for their manners! I just love them. They're great!

Picture of the Day
Yes..... even the trainer's dog has a bad moment every once in a while.

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mrsbentley519 said...

Thanks for the update. :o) We love seeing how our Vinster is doing. Cute pictures too!