Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update On The Crew

I'm so glad the weather has returned to a fabulous temperature :) I have excellent updates on everyone as well as super cute pictures!

Aspen is coming along wonderfully. He is very attentive & learning very quickly. He's excellent at holding his commands with mild distractions at this point. He's going excellent on our walk at the park when we meet people. He's greeting people with his best manners (with an occasionaly reminder to not jump). He's not nipping at all. So far we've worked on his heel with auto-sit, sit(stays), down at my left side & back into a sit from a down at my left side, & down(stays).

Holding a sit (stay). Such a good boy!

Trying to hop a huge log with Ruger.

Aspen exploring on our nature walk :)

Ava: Ava girl is doing so great. I think I have to give her a gold star for the biggest turn around in the fastest amount of time. She is doing excellent! She plays with everyone so great. She's meeting people at the park very well as well. She is heeling at my left side & sitting when we stop, doing her sit(stay), down at my left side & down (stays). She likes to sneak off with items that don't belong to her so I worked on her ignoring items as well. It doesn't sound like a lot much she's come a long way in such a short period of time. I couldn't be more happy with her progress!

Ava holding a down while ignoring her favore items to steal (glove, socks, paper, shoes)

Holding a down Sit-stay with the front door open
Ava playign chase with Parker
Ava holding a sit-stay with the boys

Niles: Niles & I had a great day yesterday. He ran a few errands with the around lunch time & he met Lauren & her dogs. He did excellent off leash & obeyed all of his commands with little reminder! We're going to work at the dog park on his off leash as well as at the barn. He's coming along great & getting on a good potty schedule. He loves playing with the other dogs & it's great to help him with his independence & feeling comfortable being away from people. We don't want him developing seperation anxiety :) We don't have many pictures since we had a field trip but Milo brought sweaters for the unexpected cold weather & Niles had to borrow one for the last few days. He gets so cold his teeth chatter & you can hear it from across the room. It's pretty cute & pitiful all at the same time.

Parker: Parker is doing great. He of course is a little social butterfly :) He's a playing machine. His cousin, Milo has been here but unfortunately for Milo, Parker has mostly played with the big dogs. It's great for me though because Milo has been my side-kick & my snuggle buddy! Parker is heeling at my left side & sitting when I stop, doing his sit-stays, down at my left side & down-stays & coming back into a sit from a down at my left side. His favorite command is "at ease"...... of course. He's much better about not being a different dog when the leash comes off. We should be starting is off leash work officially over the next few days! Ooooh, funny story: Parker has done great ignoring the distractions I've thrown at him at this point. I guess the cats have been either been outside or hidden most of the time he's been here. We were working on his sit-stay & Foxie walked by. Parker lost his mind. He had a look of confusion & excitement all at once. Almost like he'd been given the gift of cat & he was saying "must..." That has been his hardest distraction by far. I put Foxie in my arms & got down so Parker could smell her. I think his eyes actually crossed because he was sniffing her so hard. It was hilarious.

Parker holding his sit-stay while Foxie walks by

Exploring on a nature walkParker holding his sit-stay like a good boy!

Parker at playtime with Murphy, Diesel & Ava

Spike & Landon: The little bitties are doing great. They are finally getting the potty schedule!! Spike is making it through the night & they are respoding great to their obedience commands. They are playing with the big dogs like they own the place! It's pretty cute. Spike will put anyone in their place & he doesn't like chaos; he like order. He's lover. Landon is a watcher. He likes to sit back & observe things. They both aren't taking things that aren't there's or destroying paper. They respond great to "no". I definintely think the longer I can keep them the better as far as their pottying goes!

Landon (left), Spike (right) holding a sit stay

Picture of the Day

Duke.... 6mo 104lbs Ava 6mo.... 50-ish lbs.

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