Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Update!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was super busy in the training/boarding world. Dogs going home/dogs coming in/go home lessons/follow up lesson. Tons to update on! Saturday was Lucy's last day here. I met her owners at PetSmart so they could see how she can be social & interact with people & children. She did wonderful. When she saw her momma & dad she definitely wanted to go back to her old ways with them but she was quick to fall back in line with a few reminders :) Good job Luce!! I also had a follow up lesson with Della who is coming along wonderfully. She's testing her momma but definitely a world of difference! Vinnie, the 6 month old Boxer started training this weekend as well. He's going to be with me for the next 3 weeks for the Advanced Obedience. He's a lover & super silly. His momma has worked with him a bit so his manners are excellent!
Ava is doing pretty good. The last few days she's been a bit stubborn but it's to be expected. They all go through it. Her new favorite thing is playtime! Since the rest of the week is supposed to be nice we'll go to the park & work on her socialization with people!
Parker is well also. We didn't get to work on his off leash outside because of the rain but he's continuing to be very responsive with his commands & he no longer pees when he sees the other dogs! :o) Yay!!
Niles is doing pretty good. He's definitely one that makes you stay on top of him. If he knows there's the smallest possibility he can get away with anything....... he will. He's a sweet boy though. He's still continuing to be an eating machine.... I'm sure it's because of play times.
Spike & Landon's potty training is coming along. Spike is definitely the one that's more willing to please when it comes to his obedience. Landon could take it or leave it. He's just off in his own little world & is very independent.
Aspen is soooo good. He's coming along slowly but surely. He's very smart he just needs a lot of repetiton & consistency. He is a playing machine. He's doing excellent with his potty training & hasn't chewed a thing (other than his toys). He's so pooped after working & play time he passes out & sleeps hard. He's getting bigger!
More pictures to come later on this week!

The kittens are doing great. They're getting fatter everyday & Skittles is a very good momma! So cute! We're making sure to handle them everyday so they are used to people & ready for their new homes when they get big enough! So for now we have "Drover", "Lady Ashley", "Creamy" & "Ms. Boss". Awwww. Cute I know.

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