Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Newbee!!

She's finally here! My new Thoroughbred Mare, Britches is here. Her registered race name was "Let's Have Another" but I thought "Britches" was cute as her common name..... she IS too big for her britches. She's huge, bigger than my two Thoroughbred boys. She's 9 1/2 months pregnant & due June 16th. The vet came out yesterday & checked her. She is definitely down in weight, which I knew before I picked her up. The baby is pulling her down & taking most of everything we're feeding her in this stage of the game. We're just trying to maintain her for now & build her weight back up after the foal drops. Keep your fingers crossed for a COLT! So the daddy's name is "Glitz & Glory" & momma is "Let's Have Another" so typically the foal's name is a combination of the momma & daddy sooooo, I need suggestions of a registered name & then a common name that we'll call him (& I keep saying him because I really would like it to be a him ;o) Despite my crud feeling I spent a little time getting her groomed up & de-tick-efying her. She had a TON on her. So she's all purdy now!
Hello Girl!
Here's the baby!!
Pre-bath..... dull Drying after her bath
Post bath.... SOO shiny!

The kittens are getting so big, so fast. They still weeble-whobble around on there little legs.

"Misses Boss" "Creamy"
"Drover" just hang'n out
Good Momma, putting the babies to bed

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