Friday, April 24, 2009

Good, Good, Trainees :o)

My little group of trainees are kick'n bootie!! Everyone is doing so great. Ava has hit her stubborn streak but she's still doing great. Her stubbornness is a combination of wanting to act anxious & whining while ignoring & not following her commands; silly girl. I had to take a few steps back & work her through this problem before we move forward. She isn't jumping at the back door anymore...... so far :o) She's doing much better with her potty training as well. She's definitely one you have to watch & make sure she goes to the bathroom. She doesn't necessarily associate being outside with going potty. She'll be outside playing for 10-15 minutes & she hasn't gone that whole time. I have to stop the playing & let her remember what the deal is & then she'll go. She's doing really great on her "place" command. I've been able to get her up to about an hour without corrections. I can also leave the room for extended periods of time, work with the other dogs while she's on her place, vacuum around her..... that one took a LOT of practice :) She's doing very well. As soon as she works through this phase I'd like to start her back on her off leash work!

Aspen is awesome! We're working on his recalls while off the leash & he's far away & he's not in a command. He does great coming when called if he's already in "training mode" so now I want to make sure he'll come when called if he's in the middle of playing or way back in the yard sniffing & exploring. So far, so good! He's doing excellent with his potty training! He is still very mouthy as far as wanting to lick anything or try to put anything in his mouth. He gets corrected every time he puts anything in his mouth that isn't an appropriate toy. I think a lot of that has to do with him teething. None the less we're working on him not putting EVERYTHING in his mouth.

VINNIE is doing very well also! He's such a sensitive little guy. He needs lots of positive reinforcement that he's doing well. He's doing okay with the remote collar. We're moving super slow with it & still easing him into it. He's not quite sure about it & he's a little distracted by the feeling of it. He hasn't put two & two together that the static stimulation of the nick means the same thing as a leash & collar correction. But that's okay. Everybody moves at their own pace :o) He's doing excellent & he'll get there. He's doing great with his potty training as well..... well until last night's miniature storm. He wasn't having any part of going outside last night so of course there was a wonderful surprise this morning. We had so much hail from that storm it looked like 1/2 inch of snow in the flower & shrub beds!!! Craziness!!

Last night was opening night for Annie the musical at North Gwinnett High School. A little recap for anyone not sure what I'm talking about...... My sister is a Senior at this HS & her Theatrical Director contacted me about training a "Sandy" for the play. Right off the top of my head I knew Henry the Goldendoodle, owned by Katie Grese, would be PERFECT! I trained him for the Advanced Obedience last fall. He's 1yrs old, super calm & loves everyone! So...... back to last night. Henry did AWESOME! He's done excellent at practice but I knew things would be different with an audience. Henry didn't' care. He was right on point the whole night!! I couldn't have been more proud. For anyone that would like to attend & see the show it's:

North Gwinnett Hight School
20 Level Creek Rd
Suwanee, GA 30024
Thurs, Fri & Saturday
Saturday Afternoon Show 2-4pm.
Tickets are $10 adults $8 for children/student

It would be great if people could come out & support the kids. I know they would really appreciate it. They've worked so hard & most of them are Seniors so this will be their last show before graduation. I'll have pictures to post of the show tonight! Have a great FRIDAY!!!

Vinnie on "place" while my neighbor rings the door bell.... tempted but he stays!

Aspen sleeping with my tennies.... and no chewing :o)

  • Vinne with silly ears
    Ava being a good girl ignoring Foxie while she sleeps on her placeVinne was quite content loungin in Mr. Tom's lap :)
    He's pooped after playing
    Duke & Vinnie exploring......
    "Sweet face"
    Say cheeeeese.....
    Sleepy Ava on place
    She's on a mission......
    So, they do get tired ;o)

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mrsbentley519 said...

Thanks for the great pictures & update! I hope he starts to pick up on his remote collar soon. He's smart but easily confused, as I'm sure you've discovered. :o) We miss him but your updates help us get through the days without him!