Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great Updates Again!!

I'm happy to have more great updates for everyone about their babies!

First, Spike & Landon had their go home lesson on Saturday. Their family was very happy to have them home. They were doing excellend with their manners & potty training. As long as the family keeps up the consistency & routine those two will be great!!

Parker also went home on Saturday. His momma & daddy were SO happy to see him, as he was to see them. He was doing so great. They were headed out that night to practice Parker's place command at a new restaurant that allows you to bring your pets onto the pation! So much fun! I'll have more updates on Parker to come!

Niles had his go home lesson as well, yesterday. He is doing beyond great. He's super responsive to the remote training & is just as cool & calm as a cucumber. Like I've mentioned before he's definitely one you have to CONSTANTLY reinforce but he's a very good, sweet, little boy! I can't wait to have updates on his progress with his family. I'll get to see him in May when he comes back to board! YAY!

Vinnie is coming along awesome. We've of course completed all his commmands & are now working on distractions for him as well as intro-ing the remote collar. He's hit a bit of a stubborn patch but it's normal & I'm sure he'll move right out of it. He's playing great, potty training is going excellent & he could be my most favorite boxer I've trained ;o) He's been so great!!

Aspen is my little love. He is doing AWESOME. He's going to be a fantastic first pet for this family. He's is soooo smart & so willing to please. We still have about a week's worth to complete his training but he's right on track & doing better than I could have expected! Pictures to come later on !

Ava is GREAT! She too is doing excellent with all her commands. She is VERY social with the other dogs. I did notice a bit of possessiveness over the water bowl this weekend that I'm am addressing immediately......reminds me of Lucy. She's okay to share the bowl if she goes up to others drinking but if she's there first, she's trying to guard & act a little too big for her britches. I'll nip that in the bud immediately :o) We're starting her remote collar work & heavier distractions. She just started jumping at my back door, which was a problem her owners were having so I can now address that, yay! More to come on Ava as well!

Gracie the Bull Terrier is visiting us for the week as well. Henry the Golden-doodle is staying with me this week too! He's the big star in North Gwinnett's High School play "Annie". I've been given the opportunity to train him for his parts. The show is this week. I hope everyone can come out & support the kids & see Henry!! The show is Thurs, Fri, & Saturday (two shows). It should be so cute!

On a sad note, the littlest white kitten passed away last night. She hasn't been nursing like she should & literally was half the size of the other babies. She had become weak & frail. I brought her home & was hand feeding her formula every few hours but it wasn't enough. She's in heaven with Tanner now.

Okay, I can't end on a sad note.....
Oh, Diesel's training as Ms. Harrison's service dog has started. I have begun teaching him to pick up items. He's doing so well. He's such a job oriented dog this should be such a great opportunity for him! Pictures & updates on Diesel later on!!

Have a great Wednesday everyone...... it's half way over now!!!!!

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mrsbentley519 said...

Aww I hope you're not just saying that :o) How big is he getting? Weigh him for me ;o) Kidding. I think he was around 42 lbs when we took him to you. We can't wait to see him! Thanks for being such a great trainer!