Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gus-gus & His Girls....

Gus is a 1 year old Italian Spinone that is here for the Advanced Obedience & behavior modification for a serious aggression towards guarding items he so chooses to steal & make his own.  He has been here a little of a week & is making tremendous progress!!  He is extremely social with the gang now after a few days of being a bit intimidated.  He has completed his Basic with flying colors; ie: heel with auto-sit, sit & down stays, come (on leash) with an auto sit, no, his release command, let's go, & we are starting his "place" command today!  I have also done some sessions with Gus & his guarding.  All the sessions have made great progress but we still have a bit more work to do.  He is great is a "set up" scenario but I think in an everyday situation he still may want to buck up a bit, so MORE WORK TO DO!! :o)

Gus has also made 2 great friends while he has been here, which oddly enough are 2 Spinones that come from the same breeder as Gus!!! What a small world.....could they be siblings?!?!

Cute boy waiting to go outside
Gus' girls - Pearl & Scarlet
Gus on 'place' with his baby & a nyla bone (& no guarding)
More to come on Gus' as his training advances!!

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